If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!

“I came here for what turned out to be a root canal. Fun, I know. From the get go I was happy with this place. From the front desk to the assistant to the doc they were all rad. I'm horrible with remembering names but the doctor lady was crazy nice and I felt like my mom was taking care of me. Even though I'm older, much older. They informed me of what was going on in a way that I didn't need a degree to understand so that was good. I know that if I have another problem like this I'll happily come here.” – Herb

“Dr. Jimenez took great care to analyze my challenging treatment plan conveyed by referring dentist, including ‘show and tell’ radio-graphics beyond what a normal practitioner would offer. This was due to my insistence of moving forward. She stood her ground against my stubborn personality and in the end will have saved me thousands of dollars, partially by talking me out of using her services and recommending an alternative treatment option with significantly higher chance of success. She called my dentist while I was in the chair on an emergency line and dentist was considerate enough to admit her plan was the way to go. Yes, that’s correct, Dr. Jiminez talked herself out of business, deferring to her compassion for a patient and didn’t even charge me for this second consult! She most assuredly will get my business in the future!” – Richard

“Every dollar spent here is worth it! I’ve had many root canals and by far this office was exceptional from the front desk to the dental procedure. I have experienced a variety of challenges in the dental chair and they made it seamless and pain free!! I highly recommend Dr Jeannette Jimenez, as she truly cares about her patients and performs the most current advanced procedures.” – Deborah

“Dr. Jimenez is absolutely wonderful. So knowledgeable, professional, and very personable. She was very thorough with the initial consultation and even gave me her cell number in case of an emergency over the weekend. I had to see someone quickly and she came highly recommended by my dentist. Great service, impeccably clean office, state of the art equipment. All in all the best experience!” – Renata

“Dr. Jimenez is awesome. From explaining the procedure to her gentle touch, I barely felt anything and was very comfortable during my appointment. She was very thorough and even saved me from having to get a lengthy surgery by solving my problem more conservatively. Her office was clean and the staff was very friendly and professional. Would highly recommend her to anyone.” – Vienne

“I had a different dentist at a different practice do a root canal on me that failed after the crown fractured. I have been dealing with pain in this tooth for years. The photo of the tooth is what I had when I went in to see Dr Jimenez. She completely restored the tooth, as you can see in the before and after X-ray she shared with me. My X-ray shows a textbook perfect root canal restoration. Thank you Dr Jimenez!!!!!” – Anna

“Dr. Jimenez and her staff were absolutely amazing. Clean, professional, and comforting. If you need a root canal, I don't believe there is a better place to put your confidence in.” – Shane

“I cannot believe the speed of Dr. Jimenez and her gentle touch. I left the office pain free. I would highly recommend anyone who needs a root canal to come to this office. They were very understanding of my anxiety and fear they calmed my nerves.” – Trisonya

“This place is so great! The doctor really took her time and listened to me. My root canal went smooth. Everyone that works here is so nice. Highly recommend.” – Lauren