eVol 3DX

  • The software every endodontist needs for an accurate diagnosis
  • Realistic filters and features that solve endodontist problems

Its exclusive filters allow for sharper images with greater detail!

ACI Filter

Clearly identify accessory canals and stop condemning teeth with unnecessary extractions

Endodontic Filter Filling

Differentiate filling material leakage from a fracture quickly

Fractured Instrument Filter

Identify a fractured instrument inside an filled tooth and make the best treatment decision

Dental Pulp Filter

This filter allows the visualization of the alveolus, the pulp horn and the pulp guide the dentist in choosing the best instrument for a root canal treatment

Blooming Artifact Reduction Filter

This filter eliminates white artifacts generated by metallic elements and dense materials. Thus, it allows you to accurately visualize and measure areas with this type of interference.

Pulp Horn Filter

This filter allows a detailed, three-dimensional view of the structure of the pulp horn and the surrounding area. Ideal for the dentist who wants to demonstrate the exam to the patient